Mr. Tam – Binh Duong



Mr. Tam


Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

Land area


Built-up area

5x12.5 ; House plan: 1 ground floor, 2 floors, attic


Ground floor (1st floor)

Garage, living room connected to the kitchen, small bedroom and backyard + restroom

1st Floor (2nd Floor)

Bedroom 2, bedroom 3 and 2 bathrooms

2nd Floor (3rd Floor)

Worship room combined with family living room, bedroom 4 and 2 bathrooms


Terrace, storage room, laundry room and a separate yard for hanging and drying laundry

Residential architecture and interior - Thu Dau Mot - Binh Duong

Using a rather special design style, neoclassical provides Mr. Tam’s family with a comfortable living space, simple yet extremely delicate and precise with every line. Each design detail is integrated with functional features to give the homeowner a lighter and more airy interior space.

Neoclassical design is inspired by the traditional classical style, which is quite a unique architectural style since it does not conform to different trends and is suitable for those who demand aesthetics and hold specific societal status. The furniture in a neoclassical house is manufactured from expensive materials and is meticulously crafted, so they are well-tailored to every space and enjoy excellent durability while maintaining unique, artistic values. Neoclassical design removes unnecessary details so as to introduce a much lighter and more airy interior space.

From exceptionally “sculpted” walls to sofas, chandeliers, carpets, etc., each item shows the owner’s unique aesthetic taste, not only offering a pleasant living and working experience, but also asserting the status of the owner in society.

Taking a look at the overall layout of the house, the sophistication of the 3A Design team is evident and distinctly portrayed in the attention to the golden ratio that divides different squares, spaces, blocks to create a neoclassical living space – aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, while remaining sophisticated and modest. The combination of deep tones such as white, brown, gray, black paints a luxurious, noble and elegant beauty to the residence.

Natural light is especially maximized by large windows for more comfortable living space, creating a sense of comfort, warmth and relaxation for all family members.

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