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Why you should choose 3A Design
for architectural design?

Architectural design is one of the most important stages to building a house that is not only beautiful and functional, but also has good feng shui and attracts prosperity for the family.

Attractive and competent architectural design is a job that requires architects to synthesize certain elements such as fine arts, art, science and technology, etc., into the layout and arrangement of spaces, including structure, electricity and water system, ventilation system and lighting system, for the entire home.

At 3A Design, the architectural design conveys the creativity and professionalism of our team of architects, giving you a magnum opus that is worthy and accommodating each family’s requirements and needs. With our expertise, proficiency, and our taste for the aesthetics, 3A Design’s team of architects are able to integrate essential elements such as the ground, structure, and feng shui to create a modern, convenient and quality living space. This job requires a great deal of creative skills and thinking of the architect, making your home aesthetically pleasing and harmonious to the smallest details.

Benefits of choosing
3A Design's architectural design services

To construct a perfect project, you first need to have a clear architectural design, and from there, the architects can incorporate the ideas and objectives of the owner into their land so as to shape the style or arrange the interior to create the optimal living space, avoiding the costs incurred apart from the estimated.

For 3A Design, listening and understanding customers’ thoughts, desires and needs are always our top priorities. Every idea and aesthetic taste of the homeowner will be recognized by our architects, who will support and advise you in order to mutually come up with a well-suited design plan that most satisfies the customer. Not only will your home be appealing, but it will also be well-crafted under the hands, the mind and ingenuity of 3A Design.

The more detailed and accurate the architectural design drawings, the more effective the construction process will be, such as being on schedule; by ensuring quality of the work, it can also guarantee effectiveness for construction progress, construction quality, and especially risks minimization during construction.

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The integration of aesthetics and feng shui
in the architectural design of 3A Design

Certainly for many Vietnamese, feng shui plays an important role in bringing fortune, health and success to the owner as well as family members. Understanding this, 3A Design particularly pays attention to the feng shui elements in each design, wishing to bring warmth, happiness and success to our customers. Before drawing up the design, our architects record specific information about the owner such as age, location, land orientation, usage needs, in order to come up with an appropriate design solution, giving you an exquisite living space that is most comfortable and prosperous.

3A Design’s design process:

Step 1

Meeting and consulting with customers

  • Discussing requirements, preferences and needs of customers.
  • Consulting on shapes and forms, architectural style, interior and feng shui
  • Exchanging and consolidating the layout of the space
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Step 2

Quotation, contract and design

  • Quotation, agreement on design costs, deadlines for presenting the designs, obligations and responsibilities of each party
  • After reaching an agreement, the two parties proceed to sign an architectural design contract
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Step 3

Detailed survey

Architects directly survey and measure, ensuring that the design meets certain criteria regarding aesthetics, functionality, and practicality.

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Step 4


  • Generating 2D design
  • Generating 3D design, our architects will meet, discuss and address any flaw of the design with customers.
  • Finalizing and approving the plan after the two parties reach a final agreement on the 3A design, materials to be used and other details.
  • Delivering architectural design documents and contract settlement
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Architectural design style of 3A Design

3A Design has the experiences working with many different design styles such as:

  • Modernity: the urban area is constantly developing at an ever-increasing speed, leading to the construction industry having to catch up with the trend. The modern design style creates a youthful and new look for the building as well as the whole neighborhood.
  • Luxury: This is one of the most popular architectural design styles nowadays  with the main purpose of showing class and status. This design style aims for convenience and high quality in a luxurious and elegant space.
  • Sophistication: For customers with a sharpened aesthetic sense, sophistication is the top feature that attracts them. With sophisticated architectural design, your home will strive for the intertwining between classic atmosphere and modern interior.
  • Minimalism: No fuss, no exaggeration, minimalist style brings beauty from monochromatic shapes. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the colors that express your own personality, radiating purity and giving you a comfortable, cozy living space.

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