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Construction (or the combination of design and construction) is the most crucial part to creating a home. It emphasizes the proficiency, experience, as well as the abilities of businesses to manage and supervise. Nowadays, when life becomes chaotic and busy, the design and construction package is chosen by most investors because of its convenience and outstanding advantages.

Accordingly, when choosing a package of house construction design, the customer will give full authority to the contractor to manage the construction process from design, selection of materials, interior design to construction supervision. The customer will act as the person who makes the requirements and finalizes the plan for the contractor to execute, thereby saving a lot of time, effort and limiting costs incurred during the construction process.

With the motto of operation: Listening – Professionalism – Dedication – Efficiency, the 3A Design team always ensures high quality construction according to drawings and technical plans, using the best materials in the industry within the range of previously calculated costs.

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Quotation for
construction work

When performing interior construction quotes for customers, 3A Design strictly adheres to the following commitment policies:

  • Executing in accordance with the technical process outlined in detail in the design drawings
  • Ensuring the precise construction progress, regularly updating the progress to customers
  • Using the right type of materials as agreed upon, explicitly keeping accounts of names with pictures of necessary materials in the quotation
  • Respecting and following the design drawings (all adjustments must be agreed in writing between the contractor and the customer).
  • Commiting not to sell bids to other construction contractors. Violations of this policy will result in compensation for the customers
  • Not increasing prices or incurring additional costs for items already quoted to customers
  • Construction warranty of 5 years for the structure and of 1 year for the finishing part
  • Ensuring worker safety and environmental sustainability
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Benefits of choosing
3A Design’s design and construction package

The 3A Design team will be the consultant, generating architectural and structural design ideas, providing cost estimates that are reasonable for the customers to accommodate needs and financial ability. In particular, 3A Design also supports customers in applying for construction permits, supervising construction, and ensuring that construction is on schedule and with quality.

By entrusting the entire project to 3A Design, not only are you able to optimally avoid the additional cost, but your home will also attract more fortune and warmth by taking into consideration the feng shui factors.

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