Interior Design

Delivering a classy,
unique and harmonious living space

These days, standards are raised to higher levels for the purpose of improving quality of life. Thus, interior design has become one of the very essential services with the role of giving homeowners a perfect living space. As an indispensable step in every construction project, interior design helps with the arrangement within your home, making it logical while maintaining certain convenience and comfort.

Interior design services at 3A Design are performed by a team of high-ly skilled architects, engineers, and architectural draftsmans with many years of experience in the industry of design and construction of residential buildings. With a creative mind and a harmonious combination of architectural aesthetics, color and light, 3A Design will deliver to you a classy, ​​unique, harmonious and stylish living space.



A detailed and harmonious interior design helps transform your home into a more spacious, comfortable and convenient living space. All interior details decorated in your home will be arranged in a logical way, maximizing the function of the house.

Your very own ideas and the 3A Design team’s creativity collectively brings uniqueness to your home. Not only does it embody beauty and comfort, the home also bears your own impression and characteristic.

In particular, when choosing 3A Design’s interior design services, you are able to avoid unnecessary costs arising from spontaneous procurement of raw materials. The team of architects will advise you on excellent but reasonable-priced furniture, both saving costs and ensuring the aesthetics of the house.

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Interior design process
of 3A Design

Step 1

Meet up with a consultant

  • Discussing requirements, preferences and needs of customers.
  • Consulting shapes and forms, architectural style, interior and feng shui
  • Discussing and agree on the layout of space
  • Quotation, agreement on design costs, deadlines for presenting designs, obligations and responsibilities of each party
  • After reaching agreement, the two parties will sign an interior design contract
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Step 2

Primary survey

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Step 3

Design ideas

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Step 4


  • Architects directly survey, measure and generate the 2D design
  • After the 3D design is generated, architects will meet, discuss and address any flaws that the design may have with customers.
  • Signing and approving the plan after the two parties reach a final agreement on the 3D design, materials to be used and interior designing per request of the customer.
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Step 5

Implement the drawings

  • Architectural drawings
  • Interior drawing
  • Structural drawings
  • MEP drawings
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Interior design style of 3A Design

3A Design has the experiences working with many different design styles such as:

Modernity: the urban area is constantly developing at an ever-increasing speed, leading to the construction industry having to catch up with the trend. The modern design style creates a youthful and new look for the building as well as the whole neighborhood.

Luxury: This is one of the most popular architectural design styles nowadays with the main purpose of showing class and status. This design style aims for convenience and high quality in a luxurious and elegant space.

Sophistication: For customers with a sharpened aesthetic sense, sophistication is the top feature that attracts them. With sophisticated architectural design, your home will strive for the intertwining between classic atmosphere and modern interior.

Minimalism: No fuss, no exaggeration, minimalist style brings beauty from monochromatic shapes. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the colors that express your own personality, radiating purity and giving you a comfortable, cozy living space.

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