Warranty and Maintenance

Enjoy the peace of mind with
3A Design's warranty and maintenance packages

3A Design has a variety of different design packages to meet every need and financial condition of each customer. The homeowner will be the one to inform about their needs, expectations and the total estimated cost, the team of expert architects will offer quotations in detail for each design item on a square meter basis for customers to understand the scale, minimizing unexpected costs incurred.

The main services include design and construction package (from construction to interior), key handover, support in completing and submitting construction permits. In particular, in every design, 3A Design always puts the feng shui factor which is the three most essential areas of a house (direction of the front entry, bedroom, kitchen) on top with the desire to bring customers a true home: warm and prosperous.

3A Design’s works not only ensure aesthetics, modernity, sophistication, class while exhibiting the homeowner’s impression, but also durable over time, which is reflected in our 05-year warranty policy for the structural part and 01-year for the finishing part.


The process of designing and
constructing your house by 3A Design

Step 1

Meet & Consult

  • Discussing requirements, personal preferences of customers
  • Consulting on shape and form, architectural style, interior
  • Feng shui consultation
  • Finalizing and agreeing on the layout of the house
  • After reaching agreement, the two parties proceed to sign a design contract

Step 2


  • Architects directly survey, measure and set up a 2D design
  • After finishing the 3D design, architects are responsible for meeting, exchanging and addressing any problem on the design with customers
  • Sign the plan after the two parties reach a final agreement on the 3D design, materials to be used and other details.

Step 3

Quotation – Contract Signing

  • Quotations and estimates are complete with clarity and transparency
  • Discussing the construction plan
  • Sign construction contract

Bước 4

Drawings implementation – ​​Construction

  • Implementing all related detailed drawings to serve the construction
  • Construction drawings including architecture, structure, electricity, water, landscape
  • Handing over all construction technical drawings to the investor
  • Supervising each stage of construction work
  • Project progress will be regularly updated for customers.

Step 5

Testing and handover

  • Actual approval of product volume and quality at the construction site
  • Handing over and finalizing the contract
  • Warranty policy of 05 years for the structural part, 01 year for the finishing part.
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By choosing 3A Design’s architectural and interior design and construction services, you will be guaranteed the best works. With long-term experience, and the high level of expertise coming from each of our architects, we will most certainly bring the most prestigious and quality services to our customers.

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