Nowadays, many young families have chosen apartments in the top residential projects to settle down, enjoying modern facilities as well as the green life that townhouses in crowded cities can hardly offer. These apartments, however, are not usually fully furnished after the key handover process, so homeowners often seek for reputable interior design companies in order to design the interior of their apartments. If the pricing of these interior design companies in Ho Chi Minh City is inexpensive, will the quality be guaranteed? That is an underlying question when people seek interior design services but have yet found a reliable company to execute their ideas.

Thiết kế nội thất giá rẻ nhất thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Must-know experiences in choosing a reputable interior design company in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Examine the company profile

First, to evaluate whether an interior design company is reputable or not, you should spend time studying the company profile.

An informational page with a clear layout, well presented, sufficient and concise content is also a way to show professionalism. When looking at the portfolio of a furniture company, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • In terms of aesthetics: A reputable interior design company, especially in the Ho Chi Minh City area, definitely requires excellent aesthetic tastes, because this is one of the most competitive markets with stringent requirements from the customers. The aesthetic is not only reflected in how the work is executed, but also in the way a company’s portfolio is presented. Realistic, high quality images that highlight the projects’ values will be an affirmation of the company’s true sense of aesthetic.
  • In terms of layout and presentation: Like many other professions, an interior design company profile needs not only images, but also the presentation of the company, which must be scientific, precise, and professional.
  • In terms of color: If your images and composition are well organized, but the colors do not ensure the sharpness and harmony, your company will lose points. A company profile presented in the company’s main color tone is also a great suggestion.
Dự án thiết kế nội thất cho một quán cà phê
Interior design project for a café

2. Price should not be the deciding factor

Interior design is an industry that corresponds to the saying “you get what you pay for”. It is impossible to get a quality project at an outrageously low price. The “reputable but low price” offers are often for coaxing you into being mistaken. Regardless, some companies can manipulate the customers’ precaution to charge higher prices or extra costs … but the quality is not guaranteed as initially promised. Therefore, you need to be alert and thoroughly consider before making a decision.

3. Choose a company that has an A-Z process for interior design.

A reputable interior design company must have a complete and transparent process. All information from the time of consultation to the handover of the project will be processed and carried out sequentially and professionally. Customers will not have to worry about issues such as “What are they doing with my house?” or “Will the construction be done as scheduled?… because each step of the process will be continuously updated to customers.

And above all, a reputable and professional interior design company will know how to create a perfect solution for your architectural space.

Exceptional modern-style interior design of the Park Riverside apartment

Interior design & consulting company 3A Design has many years of experience in apartment interior design, and many young, talented architects have been chosen by residents at Park Riverside to work on their apartments’ interior design.

3A Design proudly introduces the 150 square meter apartment whose interior has brilliantly been transformed into the modernist style by 3A Design, as requested by Mr. Vu, the owner of the apartment.

1. Style Consultation

The owner, Mr. Vu, is a modernist beauty enthusiast who owns an apartment with a relatively large area of ​​​​150m2 with 3 bedrooms. Mr. Vu wants the apartment’s interior to be designed in modern style, ensuring a comfortable and contented life, fulfilling the needs of each family member.

Park Riverside is a prestigious residential project, with an area of ​​green space and high density of utilities, so Mr. Vu’s apartment also enjoys many advantages with a wide view and lots of light entering the apartment through the windows.

Therefore, the interior design project of the Park Riverside apartment requires architects to select furniture and arrange functional areas in accordance with the apartment’s lighting and space. With the choice of white and light gray tones as the main colors, 3A Design has helped enhancing the beauty of Mr. Vu’s apartment, with the overall layout expanded to be more extraordinary yet still harmonious and delicate.

2. Details of modern interior design in the Park Riverside apartment

With the 150m2 apartment, interior design company 3A Design’s architects decorated the functional areas with white interior materials, the color of light wood brown is functionally optimized for smart storage. In addition, the color white combines with external light to provide a sense that the apartment is more spacious.

Chi tiết các thiết kế nội thất phong cách hiện đại dự án Park Riverside

The living room uses different shades of light gray which are harmoniously combined, the sofa is highlighted with prominent burgundy red and yellow pillows, increasing the focal point for the space and giving Mr Vu’s apartment interior design elegance, modernity and its own unique character.

Chi tiết các thiết kế nội thất phong cách hiện đại dự án Park Riverside

Adjacent to the living room is a kitchen with simple but fully functional furniture, optimizing usability. Additionally, the kitchen space is filled with natural sunlight, which adds the element of luxury to the kitchen itself.

Phòng ngủ với 2 tông xám và xanh nhẹ hài hòa, thể hiện từng phong cách riêng của từng thành viên

3A Design believes that creativity can establish the perfect balance between Interior Design and Lifestyle. Our design philosophy is integrity and trust, along with a dedicated and experienced team in the field. 3A Design always strives to bring to customers the best quality finished products and professional service in all aspects of our work. That is the reason why we are trusted and chosen by our customers.

With experience in working with many projects from public (resorts, hotels, homestays, showrooms, offices…) to private (townhouses, houses, apartments, apartments…) 3A Design is the most prestigious interior design company in Ho Chi Minh City, and we are always committed to the most reasonable price for every project.



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