With fast development in both the economy and society, homeowners’ increasing need to create a high quality, luxurious but comfortable living space is inevitable. 3A Design, with over 10 years of experience in designing and constructing townhouses, offers creative and unique ideas while guaranteeing to meet every need of customers, in order to create an ideal living environment for families

3A Design – The leading townhouse design and construction unit
3A Design – The leading townhouse design and construction unit

Important factors when designing and constructing townhouses

Townhouses are a common type of construction in large cities with dense populations. In terms of type, there have been many types of townhouses such as: garden townhouses, business townhouses or duplex townhouses, etc.  It depends on the financial situation as well as the needs of each household to decide the appropriate type of townhouse construction.

When building a townhouse, homeowners may encounter certain issues that require immediate attention such as pricing, cost of building materials, labor costs, how to design the house, feng shui, a reputable construction company. Undoubtedly, everyone would want their own house to be perfect, with great aesthetics and quality construction while still as cost-saving as possible. In addition, it must also match the owner’s lifestyle, necessities as well as entertainment and relaxation needs.

Along with that, choosing an architectural design style is a very important thing that homeowners need to pay attention to when building a townhouse. It is good to consult different townhouse designs from the package design that many construction companies provide, and choose one that best suits the terrain, premises as well as the family’s financial ability.

In our country’s large cities, the most preferred architectural style is the modern style, which brings simplicity from lines and colors while still reserving its sophistication. Making the most of natural light, along with fully functional furniture helps provide optimal solutions and offers more convenience for users.

Besides, it is also necessary to consider choosing a professional and reputable townhouse design and construction unit to ensure the best construction of your house. You may want to consult several reputable units through different media, or ask acquaintances for recommendations in order to make a decision. In addition, you can learn more about 3A Design, one of the reputable and professional townhouse design and construction units in Ho Chi Minh City, highly recommended by many customers that have chosen the service. All in all, it is advised that customers should consider choosing the most appropriate unit

Popular modern townhouse design style

In order for the process of townhouse designing and construction to go smoothly and quickly, it is critical to determine the design style at the very beginning. In recent years, modern style has become increasingly popular and widely applied in townhouses.

This is one of the styles in townhouse design and construction chosen by many customers because of its modern, sophisticated but equally impressive beauty. One notable characteristic of the modern style is the use of simple shapes arranged in harmony with one another, integrating delicate and youthful colors to create a unique appearance.

In particular, with the trend of living in harmony with nature, the modern style has once again gained special interest from customers. For this architectural style, glass is utilized instead of walls, creating an open space with trees and natural sunlight. Moreover, the modern style takes less time to construct which makes it time- and cost-saving, while keeping efforts at a sufficient amount.

Phong cách hiện đại với những mảng cây xanh mang lại sự hòa hợp với thiên nhiên
Modern style with green elements brings about a harmony with nature

Sử dụng những gam màu trung tính nhằm mang đến nét hiện đại, tinh tế cho ngôi nhà
By using neutral colors, this style offers a modern and sophisticated look to the house

Professional townhouse design and construction unit

3A Design is one of the leading townhouse design and construction units with over 10 years of experience and a team of staff members with strong work ethics. With the mission of building a home and creating a place for all family members to return to after a long day of working and studying, we offer customers three advantages:

Dedicated consultancy

Always putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, 3A Design’s consultants listen and acknowledge the wishes of our customer for design style, functionality, colors and even your worries when planning to build a house.

Dedicated and professional townhouse design and construction

With a team of architects, engineers, experts and draftsmen with many years of experience, 3A Design strives to bring the best experience to our valued customers. The 3A Design team is sent directly to the location intended for construction to measure and generate a realistic 2D sketch, preventing any potential inconsistency on the detailed drawings that is not accordant with the actual conditions of the house and the surrounding area. This is a valuable advantage when customers choose the service at 3A Design.

After approving the 2D drawings, the 3A Design team conducts a detailed 3D draft so that the customer can easily visualize their future home, as well as signing the design plan and selecting the appropriate bidding package along with building materials.

3A Design tiến hành lên 3D sau khi khách hàng đã duyệt bản vẽ 2D sát với yêu cầu thực tế 
3A Design proceeds to 3D after acquiring customer’s approval of the 2D drawing and closely meeting the requirements

Commit to 100% quality

During the construction process, 3A Design’s team directly supervises the project 24/7, ensuring no errors or misunderstandings.

Construction progress is regularly updated and reported to customers to ensure transparency. In addition, after finishing the construction and the check and take over process, 3A Design also offers a 5-year warranty for the structure and 1-year for the finishing part.

With extensive experience, as well as dedication in each design and construction of townhouses, the 3A Design team strives to present the most impressive and comfortable home to our customers. Customers can contact for more information as well as consulting 3A Design’s different professional townhouse designs:



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