A villa is a high-class housing project that many people desire to own; the interior design of a modern, ravishing and high-class villa will help raise the status of the owner’s living space. However, not every design firm is capable of actualizing the wishes of homeowners.

The requirements for interior space are not only about functionality, but also focusing on aesthetics. Let’s explore the high-class and modern villa interior designs that are praised by many people in the article below:

Learn about modern villa interior design style

Nowadays, the interior design of luxury villas in modern style is becoming more and more well-known, as it is intended for those who love simplicity and sophistication but still want to proudly display their own class. Completely contrasted with classical or neoclassical style, modern interior design style is more about open space, ventilation harmoniously combined with nature.

Phong cách nội thất hiện đại ngày càng trở nên phổ biến
Modern interior styles are gaining more popularity

In the modern style, materials made of glass, chrome, wood are used quite frequently, especially for doors and partitions to expand the space and view to the exterior.

In addition, the space often uses furniture in neutral colors; or when combined with bold colors, it creates a more impressive and unique space. Architects pay attention to colors to emphasize the shapes and lines of the house interior to highlight modernity and luxury.

We base each design idea on the preferences of each homeowner in order to create unique features for the house. Modern villa interior design is a style that many people prefer and choose for their homes, especially young families. This specific design style is not restricted or forced into a pattern, so architects can create and produce freely.

Why has the modern villa interior design style been gaining  more popularity than other styles?

Currently, the design of modern villas is one of the trends that many homeowners find attractive. Modern villa is an architectural work that converges many distinct features in modern style, simple yet delicate, uncomplicated and still maintaining its attractiveness and impressiveness. Modern villa designs use only simple colors and harmonious lines yet they exude elegance and luxury in every architectural work.

When designers come to a realization that the classical architectural trend was no longer viable enough since it heavily borrows from and depends on the past, unable to keep up with the current pace of modern life, the modern villa interior design was birthed as a major breakthrough, cutting off ties with classical architecture, showing a new way of thinking and the booming revolution of architecture in European countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. High-class villa interior design has since become more popular because they have the following characteristics:

  • Modern villa design with strong and noble lines
  • Convenient and reasonable pathway functions
  • Optimizing space usage
  • Minimizing space division
  • Harmonious environment with nature (sunlight, trees, water)
  • Applying the latest technologies and materials, constantly updating and regularly innovating to adapt to trends of new materials in the market.
Phong cách thiết kế nội thất biệt thự hiện đại luôn được ưa chuộng 
Modern villa interior design style has always been desirable 

Top modern and luxury villa interior designs for different areas

Currently, 3A Design is a firm that owns an outstanding variety of high-class, modern and luxurious villa interior designs. Understanding the preferences of customers, 3A Design architects have come up with a simple and modern yet elegant villa design plan. The indoor functions are designed in the style of open space, while the outdoor space is designed to be well-ventilated. With a team of proficient and brilliant engineers, we will thoroughly evaluate and study your needs and calculate the most optimal solution, giving you and your family the most splendid living experience.

Here are 4 areas that many people are interested in and most popular with customers at 3A Design when designing the interior of a modern villa:

1- Living room space

Modern villa interior design style has always been desirable
Modern living room design

Không gian phòng khách hiện đại, ngập tràn ánh sáng
Modern living room filled with light

2- Kitchen space

Không gian nội thất phòng bếp sang trọng với sắc màu lạnh làm chủ đạo
Luxury kitchen interior space with cool colors as the main theme

Đơn giản, hiện đại với gam màu tươi sáng là lựa chọn lý tưởng
Simple, modern yet luxurious is what many customers want

Modern, high-class and luxurious bedroom space is the choice of many people

3- Bedroom space

Nội thất phòng ngủ hiện đại, cao cấp mang lại vẻ đẹp tinh tế cho căn phòng
Modern, high-class bedroom furniture brings out the exquisiteness of the room
Đơn giản, hiện đại nhưng không kém phần sang trọng chính là điều mà nhiều khách hàng mong muốn
Simple, modern yet luxurious is what many customers want

Không gian phòng ngủ hiện đại, cao cấp và sang trọng đang là lựa chọn của nhiều người
Modern, high-class and luxurious bedroom space is the choice of many people

4- Terrace/garden space

Không gian cầu thang ban công được thiết kế hiện đại, mang lại cảm giác thoải mái
Balcony staircase space is designed in a modern way, bringing a sense of comfort

Không gian ngoài trời cũng cần được chú trọng để mang lại sự thoải mái cho ngôi nhà
Outdoor space also needs special attention to details in order to bring comfort to the house

Không gian ban công, sân nhà được dùng để thư giãn nên được chú trọng
Balcony space and yard are typically used for relaxation; thus, it should receive equal attention

3A Design – One of the most professional villa interior design firms

As a luxury villa interior design company with more than 10 years of experience, 3A Design is proud to be the pioneer in the Vietnam design industry and expand the market to Southeast Asian countries and Europe. 3A Design is highly valued by customers for the quality of products thanks to the five advantages:

  • A team of architects with extensive knowledge, experience and professional skills in designing villas on a cross-country scale
  • A diverse range of materials sourced from major brands such as CADI-SUN electrical cables, Viglacera tiles, HOLCIM cement, etc.
  • A creative design team who regularly updates worldwide design trends, shaping the standards of style, and providing smart design solutions.
  • Reasonable price policy with a variety of price packages, suitable for all financial abilities of customers.
  • Warranty policies for customers (From 01 – 05 years depending on the design item)
3A Design là đơn vị thiết kế nội thất biệt thự cao cấp uy tín với đội ngũ nhân viên trình độ cao
3A Design is a reputable luxury villa interior design firm with highly trained and qualified staff

3A Design modern villa interior design company always set the benefits, success, and joy of customers as a guideline for the company to develop, operate and guarantee the best living environment for our customers.

Through the content of the article, 3A Design has provided you with 4 popular models of high-class villa interior design. For specific advice on villa interior design or better support, please contact us at the information below:



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