Along with the continuous development of the economy and society today, the need to build and improve the housing infrastructure also increases, hence the birth of many design and construction consulting companies developed to meet the demands of the new market. Among these newly risen firms, 3A Design is one of the pioneers in Ho Chi Minh City, with many years of experience in construction, architectural design, interior design of townhouses, villas, apartments.

3A Design provides quality and renowned services as well as consulting and supporting in optimizing cost for customers. So if you are looking for a construction design company in Ho Chi Minh City, look no further because 3A Design is here for you.

 3A Design – HCMC-based townhouse design and construction firm

Steps by steps, 3A Design has been perfecting itself to become one of the leading companies in the field of architectural, interior design and construction. With a strong organizational structure and brand name, as well as a team of architects, engineers and draftsmen with many years of experience, enthusiasm and dedication, we guarantee to bring customers the satisfaction that they have been seeking.

To 3A Design, a home is not only a place where the whole family lives and rests, but it also acts as a place in which family members can bond and share, enjoying the feeling of relief after spending hours working and studying. The house is also one of the factors that shapes personalities and contributes to the nurture of family members.

A house plays a very important role in every family

3A Design always strives to put itself in the shoes of the customer, to understand and to meet the demands for the best design and materials for the project. One of our priorities is to ensure that 3A Design’s works are not only durable but also provide a space or corner that caters to each family member. With the company’s creativity, professionalism and prestige, we aim to contribute our parts for a better quality of life for our customers.

3A Design - cong ty thiet ke xay dung TPHCM chuyen tu van, thiet ke, xay dung nha pho, biet thu, thiet ke thi cong noi that chuyen nghiep, uy tin
3A Design – “Build a home. Build together” for every family

Each design is our brainchild, our work of art. With passion and enthusiasm, we are dedicated to offering the best home for every family. Our goal is to constantly strive to do more, exceed expectations and bring the best quality products to each customer. Since then, the products and design of 3A Design’s townhouses have been highly appreciated, chosen and trusted by many customers.

3A Design’s townhouse design and construction package service

While the demand for housing construction is continually increasing, most customers opt for the package service to save time and cost. Understanding this notion, 3A Design proudly provides a service that helps customers save time, money and effort while still being able to obtain a perfect and satisfactory living space.

Packaged residential architectural design service is also known as key handover; hence, customers should choose a quality and reputable company. This is a service that offers lots of benefits and is favored by many customers thanks to its convenience.

Architectural design

Thiết kế kiến trúc

3A Design provides the customers with architectural design services from the layout, space arrangement to the house structure, all of which are professionally executed, ensuring convenience when put in use. The architectural design guarantees excellent usability, safety, and sustainability, while bringing aesthetic value as well as saving costs for the customers.

Interior design

In the midst of the competitive markets of design and construction businesses, 3A Design is strongly established with its leading position in the field of interior design. This has been demonstrated through a series of large and medium projects that 3A Design has undertaken. Such success is due to the continuous efforts of our passionate and enthusiastic staff.

Thiết kế nội thất

With interior design and construction services, 3A Design prioritizes the following factors:

  • Diverse design ideas: As a company with a young and dynamic lineup, it is not difficult to promptly offer a range of new and diversified design ideas for customers to choose.
  • Professional team: Every staff at 3A Design is intensively trained before starting with contacting customers, delivering confidence and trustworthiness every time a customer receives consultation.
  • Quick process: Information processing is fast and accurate, saving customers’ valuable time as well as affirming the reputation of 3A Design.


Thi công xây dựng

Construction is one of the most crucial stages in creating a house. It starts from the preliminary design to the rough construction including the frame structure (frames, columns, beams, concrete floors), concrete roofs, stairs, slabs and steps, wall systems for covering or dividing, plastering. The following stage is the completion of architectural space, including plastering walls, tiling floors, tiling walls, painting walls in accordance with the chosen color scheme, installing electricity and water systems, telephone, lightning protection… At the final stage, the company provides a warranty policy for customers, which ensures quality and durable construction.

3A Design will take care of the entire process of building a house for you, from design to completion, guaranteeing to bring you the most satisfaction.

Reasons to choose 3A Design to design and construct townhouses

3A Design is a HCMC-based professional construction design firm that is chosen by many individual and corporate customers, thanks to the following advantages:

  • Construction permits for businesses will be applied for free with no difficulty or additional costs.
  • A team of architects with 10 years of experience in the field of construction, along with a team of workers with a lot of practical knowledge, provide useful and practical design solutions to customers.
  • Ensure and commit to using authentic construction materials and supplies with origin, if counterfeit goods are used, the contract will be compensated.
  • The company’s motto is to always take customer satisfaction as a guideline, making customers’ interests our own development goal.
  • When choosing 3A Design, you will be definitively assured because there are no extra costs incurred, no late appointments, there will be weekly updates for the customers to keep up with the construction progress.

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