Living room interior design is one of the most important factors of your home. In order to have a luxurious and cost-optimized living room, here are 7 tips that you should know. Let’s explore these tips with the article below!

7 things you should consider when designing living room interiors

1- Wall decoration

Through the wall design, you can either come up with a uniform or distinctive decoration idea, but the harmony between the interiors in the room and the house should be ensured.

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Interior design and construction of living room

2- Light

The living room can act as a means of expressing the homeowner’s individuality and character. A spacious living room with reasonable lighting will help brighten up your living space

3- Color

Alongside lighting are colors since they are reflected through light. Thus, the customer can select the appropriate color based on personal preferences.

4- Table

Tables for welcoming guests should be of larger size in order to create luxury for the house. In addition to the tea set, the homeowner can add a decorative flower vase or a few other things such as books, newspapers, etc.

5- Chairs

Chairs go with the table in the living room, so that its uniformity creates a sense of neatness for the room.

6- Logical layout

A well-organized living room is when the furniture in it is properly arranged with a clear intention, contributing a stunning view for the room.

7- Decorative accents

All of the above elements can be chosen as the highlight of the room. You can choose any of them to your liking. A staff in charge of interior design and construction of the living room will be appointed to provide in-depth advice.

What is the cost for living room interior design in 2021?

Thiết kế thi công nội thất phòng khách đẹp, sang trọng, chi phí thấp - Cẩm nang 7 điều cần lưu ý

Top 8 companies interior design and construction in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Son Ha Consulting & Construction Joint Stock Company

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of architecture – interior design and housing construction package, for many years Son Ha Group has been consolidating its position in the field of interior design and construction in general and HCMC interior design in particular. And because of these achievements, Son Ha Group absolutely deserves its top ranking of the Top 10 most reputable interior design companies in HCMC.

2. Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Company – 3A Design

Thiết kế thi công nội thất phòng khách đẹp, sang trọng, chi phí thấp - Cẩm nang 7 điều cần lưu ý
Company that specializes in living room interior design and construction

3A Design gradually strengthens its position as a leading firm in architectural and interior design, having a strong organization, a strong brand name with a team of highly-skilled and experienced architects and engineers with enthusiasm, dedication and a long history in the industry.

3A Design always puts the customer at the center of our work, with constant ideas development and forming a professional construction team in order to create the most perfect living spaces.

3. EKE Interior Company – Eke Interior

Eke Interior is an interior design company in Ho Chi Minh City. Before 2008, EKE focused on the construction categories of showrooms, offices, and shops. After 2008, the company switched to household design.

EKE’s design style is a combination of Asian style and emerging European design trends, thus making the designs fresh and unique.

4. Interior Design Company MOREHOM

The company constantly reaches for higher standards with absolute trust from customers. Morehome established its position with rich experience, a team of excellent architects, a team of skilled workers, a system of 5 large-scale production factories, and products that meet the requirements for both functions and aesthetics. Because of the exceptional values that the company has been offering, they have accumulated a reputation across the country with many branches in big cities and provinces such as Hanoi and Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh.

5. Manh He Interior Design, Manufacturing and Construction Company

As a company with 17 years of experience in the field of home furniture manufacture, ensuring the quality of each product. Moreover, a team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic staff at the company will always place the interests of customers as their top priorities.

6. Mekongkawa Furniture Company

This interior design company places their focus on aesthetics, creative design, functionality and nature integration, with the desire to create perfect, unique and sophisticated products, presenting customers with the most comfortable and convenient living space, and creating a healthy microclimate at home for homeowners.

7. Viphomes Interior Design Company 

Each design product fulfills the standards of aesthetics, harmony, and comfort. Viphomes also constructs finishing interiors on commissions for customers based on the designs. Materials used for furniture manufacturing are of high-grade materials, and modern production equipment is imported from Italy and Germany.

8. Minh Tien Architectural Construction and Interior Design Company

Years of experience along with accomplishments have assisted Minh Tien Architectural Construction and Interior Design Company in carrying out interior design projects for hundreds of apartments and houses in Ho Chi Minh area, with several notable outstanding projects such as The Manor (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), The Villa and The Garden (Hanoi), Bitexco Financial Tower, and first-class hotels such as Marriott Hanoi, Pullman Vung Tau, or Sheraton and Hilton, etc. All of which have added to the reputation of this interior design company.


Thiết kế thi công nội thất phòng khách đẹp, sang trọng, chi phí thấp - Cẩm nang 7 điều cần lưu ý
Company specializes in interior design and construction of living room 3A Design

In the midst of an increasingly competitive design – construction market, 3A Design stands strong with its top position which has been proven through a series of large and small projects that 3A Design has undertaken. This success is due to the continuous efforts of our enthusiastic and passionate staff members.

When it comes to living room interior design services, 3A Design pays special attention to the following factors:

  • Diverse design ideas: As a company with a young and dynamic lineup, it is not difficult to promptly offer new and diverse design ideas for customers to choose from.
  • Professional team: Our staff at 3A Design are all meticulously trained before contacting or communicating with customers, consolidating the customers’ trust when receiving advice.
  • Fast processing time: Information is quickly processed with accuracy, which is time-saving for the customers’ and reaffirms the reputation of 3A Design.

Come to 3A Design for the most professional living room interior design and construction for your home.



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