With excellent housing construction that makes good use of all functions, apart from the importance of architectural design, interior design also plays a substantially essential role in arranging your living space to be logical, harmonious and eye-catching, bringing a sense of relaxation and comfort to all family members. Therefore, choosing a professional and reputable interior construction company should be one of your priorities

As one of the renowned construction firms, 3A Design is proud to be the creator of hundreds of outstanding architectural and interior design projects that are highly valued and regarded by customers. The company’s services and reputation have also been accumulated and continuously improved throughout more than 5 years of operation, becoming the leading unit in the field of design and construction.

3A là công ty thi công nội thất chuyên nghiệp hàng đầu miền Nam
3A is the leading professional interior construction company in southern Vietnam

With a team of professional architects, engineers, and draftsmen, 3A Design will base our advice on the homeowner’s personality, interests, needs and financial abilities in order to provide the most suitable recommendations and support on interior design and construction.

The nature of professional interior construction

There are essentially 2 stages when it comes to the interior of the building: interior design and interior construction, in which the latter is to actualize the architects’ ideas on drawings. By using equipment, materials and human resources, the construction team will provide you with a convenient, comfortable and modern living and working space.

Professional interior construction needs to accurately fulfill every requirement on the drawings, materials are carefully selected, guaranteeing quality in terms of color choices and layout. Only then the final product would become ideal and capable of representing the personality, aesthetic taste, and societal status of the owner.

Sự kết hợp hài hòa về màu sắc nội thất trong thiết kế của 3A Design tạo cảm giác ấm cúng và thư giãn
3A Design’s harmonious combination of colors in the interior design creates a feeling of coziness and relaxation

The required steps before interior construction

Before carrying out the interior construction stage, a complete interior design is a must. At this stage, you should opt for a professional design and construction contractor to ensure quality and concordance, as well as feng shui for your home’s interior. The architect will be the one to experiment with the combination of lights, colors and materials of the interior in order to develop a modern, luxurious and sophisticated space.

The architect will work with the owner to determine the style and function of the house before working on the interior to ensure it caters to the interests, needs and purposes of each family member.

Feng shui is one of the important factors that every architectural design and construction firm cannot look past. The positioning of the rooms, large doors, colors, types of furniture in accordance with feng shui have the potential to facilitate luck, peace and prosperity to the owner.

Phong thủy trong thi công nội thất luôn được 3A Design chú trọng
Feng shui in interior construction is always one of 3A Design’s top priorities

Interior construction process

Step 1: Meet and consult

  • Discussing the requirements, preferences and needs of the customer.
  • Consulting on architectural style, interior and feng shui
  • Discussing and finalizing the layout of space
  • Quote and agreement on design costs, deadline for design drawings handover, obligations and responsibilities of each party
  • After reaching an agreement, the two parties proceed to sign an interior design contract

Step 2: Detailed survey

Step 3: Generate preliminary idea and sketch

Step 4: Design

  • Architects directly survey, measure, and generate 2D design
  • With the 3D design, architects will meet, discuss and address any issue on the design with customers.
  • Sign the plan for approval after the two parties reach a final agreement on the 3D design, materials to be used and interior manufacturing according to the customer’s request.

Step 5: Implement

  • Carry out construction design according to drawings
  • Completion, acceptance, and handover of projects to customers

3A Design – renowned professional interior construction contractor

The rising need of improving the quality of life has resulted in more attention being paid to working, studying, and living spaces; thus, interior design becomes a significantly vital service that contributes to the facilitating of perfection, comfort and class.

Choosing a reputable professional interior construction company helps investors avoid unexpected occurrences
Choosing a reputable professional interior construction company helps investors avoid unexpected occurrences

With a team of experienced architects in the design and construction industry, 3A Design is a professional and renowned interior construction contractor who has created hundreds of unique living spaces, both luxurious and bearing the impression of the owner.

Based on the investor’ needs and desires, finance situation as well as the feng shui of the house, 3A Design is able to effectively combine every element so that your home is arranged in a logical yet aesthetically-pleasing way, making it more comfortable and convenient. Most certainly, we guarantee to avoid additional, unexpected costs from spontaneous procurement of raw materials.

3A Design’s outstanding professional interior construction projects

1- Professional interior construction – Townhouses

Mr. Quoc Dung’s residence – Thu Duc: Tropical townhouse – Integrating green elements into living space:

Phòng khách được thiết kế theo tông màu đen – xám tại sự hiện đại, sang trọng
Designed in black and gray, the living room represents modernity and luxury

Phòng ăn phối đèn chùm mang đến sự ấm cúng
Dining room with chandeliers brings coziness and warmth

Phòng thờ tôn nghiêm nhưng không kém phần sang trọng
The worship room is solemn yet very elegant

Phòng ngủ ngợp sáng sáng tự nhiên
Bedroom filled with natural light

Phòng master kết hợp phòng chứa đồ đầy lịch lãm
Master room combined with first-class closet/dressing room

Sân thượng ngập tràn cây xanh, là nơi thư giãn của cả gia đình và tiếp đón bạn bè
Green trees fill the terrace, creating a place for the whole family to relax or to welcome friends and acquaintances

2- Professional interior construction – Modern townhouses

Mr. Tan’s house – Tien Giang: A peak in the life of a successful owner

Phòng khách hiện đại và tinh tế
Modern and sophisticated living room

Đèn chùm dài là điểm nhấn mang đến sự sang trọng cho phòng khách
Long chandelier is the highlight that add elegance to the living room

Phòng ăn được thiết kế độc đáo
Uniquely designed dining room

Phòng ngủ được tối giản một cách tinh tế
Bedroom in the minimalist style

Phòng ngủ được tối giản một cách tinh tế
Wooden furniture offers more coziness to the living space

3- Professional interior construction – Safari apartment

Safari Khang Dien Apartment – ​​District 9: The harmony between classic and modern features in an exceptional living space

Phòng khách kết hợp phòng ăn tinh tế
Exquisite combination of living room and dining room

Nội thất tân cổ điển mang đến sự sang trọng cho không gian sống
Neoclassical furniture brings luxury to the living space

Màu sắc trắng – đen tạo nên sự tương phản độc đáo
Black and white colors create a unique contrast

Phòng ngủ hài hòa và ấm cúng
Pleasant and cozy bedroom

Nội thất thông minh giúp tiết kiệm không gian
Smart furniture saves space

Phòng master sang trọng với những nội thất tân cổ điển được phối hài hòa
High-class master bedroom with well-coordinated neoclassical furniture

Nét phá cách về màu sắc mang đến sự tươi mới cho không gian sống
Color breakthrough brings freshness to the living space

Phòng ngủ được thiết kế khéo léo nhằm tận dụng tối đa ánh sáng tự nhiên
The bedroom is brilliantly designed to maximize the utilization of natural light

4- Professional interior construction – Modern villa

Ms. Uyen’s villa – Long An: Delicate color movement inside the tropical villa

Phòng khách với tông màu trầm mạnh mẽ
Living room with strong and deep color tones

Phòng master hiện đại
Modern master bedroom

Phòng ngủ sang trọng
Elegant bedroom

Không gian xanh luôn là điểm nhấn trong mọi thiết kế của 3A Design
Green element is the highlight in every design of 3A Design

Nơi “an cư – lạc nghiệp” của chị Uyên được thiết kế bắt mắt và độc đáo
Ms. Uyen’s own place of “a stable life” is eye-catching and unique

Không gian lớn dùng làm nơi kinh doanh, mang đến sự thư giãn cho khách hàng
Large space used for business, bringing relaxation to customers

Through the above article, we have provided some of the information about 3A Design, a professional interior construction unit. With our outstanding advantages, the company guarantees to satisfy even the most skeptical customers. You can take a look at different interior design projects done by 3A Design at the website: https://3adesign.vn/, or for other inquiries, please contact us directly with the information below:



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