Are you looking for a professional architectural design company in Ho Chi Minh City to undertake construction for your housing project or business? Check out this article to know how to choose a professional architectural design company that works for you!

What is an architectural design package company and what services does it provide?

As life becomes modern, the need to build houses and architectures also increases. The majority of customers prefer a design package, meaning an all-inclusive package in which a full-service architectural design company oversees both management and construction.

Công ty thiết kế kiến trúc trọn gói
Prestigious architectural design company in Ho Chi Minh City

A full-service architectural design company is a service that helps investors and customers save time, effort, and costs while having a perfect and satisfactory living space. Residential design service packages are also known as the key handover service; thus, customers should consider a reputable firm with the best quality. This is a service that offers many benefits and is one that customers prefer thanks to its convenience.

Instead of having to plan and arrange the design by themselves, such as finding materials, deciding on styles, finding reasonably-priced places, building process, cost estimation, etc., the customers can have the architectural design firm handle the hard work in three steps – design, construction and completion.

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A full-service architectural design company will provide:

  • Carrying out the construction of the rough part including the load bearing structure (structure, columns, beam, braces, concrete floors), concrete roofs, stairs, slabs and steps, wall system and dividing partitions, plastering…
  • Carrying out the finishing part including plastering walls, tiling floors and walls, painting walls according to the selected color scheme, installing utilities systems, telephones, lightning protection…
  • Warranty policy (Warranty period depends on each company).

Why do you need a professional and reputable architectural design company?

Limiting the costs incurred during the design process of residential architecture

The cost of housing construction leading to excessive spending in the budget is an ongoing issue for many families. Therefore, you should consider a professional and reputable architectural design company whose construction team will stay by your side throughout the journey to build your dream home. With knowledge and experience, the staff will advise and discuss with you to work out the best option for your financial conditions, ensuring that you stay within the previously estimated budget and avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Optimizing your living space

Without the advice of a reputable design company, there will be difficulties figuring out how to optimize the living space (for example, interior decoration, color selection, texture…) Nowadays, people tend to opt for small apartments to save costs, so the logical arrangement of space is very crucial, otherwise your house will be even more unnecessarily cramped.

Today, companies providing professional architectural design services will help you take advantage of every corner of your home, and decorate the interior with aesthetics while ensuring the optimization of your living space.

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Time- and cost-saving

Sometimes you will buy items that are expensive yet unfit for the space or not matching with other items, or you may choose a specific color but it unfortunately doesn’t match with the furniture in the house.

If you, however, choose the services of a reputable architectural design company, then the hassles will not occur. The design company will help you with detailed calculations for the most reasonable interior shopping and decoration.

Limiting the problem of slow progress in housing construction

It is required that each design and construction contract of design & consulting companies have clear terms on the time and specific construction progress for customers to easily update.

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The architectural design company must keep up with trends, incorporating the owner’s personal preferences

Owning a house or an apartment is not easy, so you might really want your apartment to be meticulously designed while catching up with current trends and expressing your own style. Opting for the services of a professional interior design company will help you actualize this. An architectural design company will base the design ideas on your wishes, personality, requirements and current design trends to match your preferences for interior style, color, furniture, color scheme, decoration, etc.

Top 5 standards of a professional and reputable architectural design company

Công ty thiết kế kiến trúc chuyên nghiệp và uy tín
Professional and reputable architectural design company

1. Scale of professional & reputable architectural design company:

The size of the company will be reflected in the number of employees and the number of successful projects. Reputable design companies that have accomplished many large projects for individual and corporate clients will obtain lots of experience in different design styles and are trusted by many, which is an important criterion when it comes to choosing a professional architectural design company.

2. A team of experienced and passionate architects:

A truly successful and sustainable architectural design company needs a team of skilled, knowledgeable and responsible architects with great aesthetic senses. The architects will be the one to accompany the owner in the process of consulting, shaping the design and supervising the construction of the house.

3. Experience in the field:

A reputable architectural design company with more than 10 years of experience will be trusted and chosen by many customers. The rich experience symbolizes professionalism, good product quality, and dedicated service, which are the reasons why the company can stand strong.

4. Creative and unique designs that are highly valued:

You need to pay attention to the design projects in order to evaluate the ideas and styles of the company’s staff. A good architectural design company should be capable of designing a variety of styles and projects: houses, apartments, villas, shops, showrooms, homestays, cafes, etc.

Take a look at the successful and highly valued projects of the professional architectural design company 3A Design in Ho Chi Minh City

Dự án thiết kế kiến trúc cho quán Cafe 1 tầng - 3A Design
Architectural design project for a one-floor cafe – 3A Design

Dự án thiết kế kiến trúc biệt thự chuyên nghiệp
Professional villa architectural design project

Dự án thiết kế kiến trúc nhà phố của công ty thiết kế kiến trúc uy tín 3A Design
Townhouse Architectural design project of the prestigious architectural design firm – 3A Design

3A Design always considers the benefits, success and happiness of customers as a guideline for the company to further our development and operations. As the leading Full-Service Architectural Design Company in Ho Chi Minh City, we will surely help you own the best living space.